Project in Ashkelon – “Trees of the Garden of Eden”

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Community Project in Ashkelon – “Trees of the Garden of Eden”

A group of women from Ashkelon, all artists in various fields, most of them teachers, have been learning the art of mosaic for the last two years. Their teacher is Ilana
Shafir, world renowned expert in the field of mosaics.

Ilana Shafir taught the women how to create mosaic works of art using her method of “spontaneous mosaic”. This is a unique method that does not require a plan or sketch. The method makes use of pieces of handmade ceramics, together with fragments of crockery, stones, shells, beads, glass and pieces of ceramic tiles. These materials are attached to a flat surface that then becomes a bas relief creation

A workshop was held to create an original work of art as gift to the city. Ten mosaic panels were created on the theme of “Trees of the Garden of Eden”. Each panel is exactly the same size 1.00 x .90 m, and each was created using the “spontaneous mosaic” method.

The panels will be mounted side by side as a continuous wall mural in Park Baltimore in Ashkelon. Park Baltimore was built by Ashkelon residents together with members
of the Jewish community of Baltimore, and is one of the joint “living bridge” projects of the two sister cities. The plan is that Park Baltimore will include many works of mosaic, and will continue to develop as visitors from Baltimore and residents of Ashkelon take part in future art and mosaic
projects in the Park, for the benefit and pleasure of city residents and visitors alike.



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